Entire Gaming Online Jobs Database + Membership For $ 27

Start Making Money with Gaming for only $1!

Entire Gaming Online Jobs Database + Membership For $ 27

Start Making Money with Gaming for only $1!

Gaming Jobs Online Exposed – Reviewing & Revealing the Truth behind It

How would you like to be paid for doing something that you like? If you are a video gamer, we’d like to walk you through a program known as Gaming Jobs Online. It’s designed for people who enjoy gaming and would like to be paid for testing new and unreleased games. But in a world full of scams, it’s worth investigating whether this program is worth signing up for or not.

 What Is Gaming Jobs Online?

Gaming Jobs Online is a website that has been around since 2008 although it rose in popularity in 2013. The platform is owned by a US-based team of gamers although it accepts signups from across different corners of the world. In fact, they have a presence in more than 150 countries and support different languages as well.

Further to that, they have partnered with some of the highest paid corporations in the world. These include Ubisoft, Nintendo, Microsoft, Beenox, Gameloft, Sony, Tencent, Google, Perfect World and the like.

 How It Works ?

First, you’ll need to sign up by creating your work account. This is the account that will be used to send you job and match you with the right game development companies. The sign-up process is quite straightforward – in fact, it’s easier than signing up on Facebook in our view.

But there is a catch, you’ll need to pay a premium membership fee. This is typically $27 although you can opt to start with the free-trial membership of $1. What’s more? There is a 60-day money back guarantee that guarantees that there is nothing for you to lose here.

Once you become a member, you’ll be able to access the entire Gaming Jobs Database. What’s more? You’ll be able to meet up clients and work from home. And if you’re not comfortable with anything, you’ll be able to shoot the support team a query and they’ll be glad to help you.

Besides that, you’ll also enjoy access to free gaming magazine subscriptions. And that’s in addition to free game event passes, giveaways and merchandise.

Being Paid To Play Video Games

Hundreds of companies exist in the world of video game design. Those companies hire the best developers in the whole world but unfortunately, even the best development teams make mistakes. Therefore, responsible video game designers always prefer to hand their games over to testers who play them and write independent reports.

And that’s where your skills come in. As you would expect, these are yet-to-be-launched games. So, you’ll get the chance the test them at your own comfort.

Unlike when playing normal games, as a tester, your job is to look out for bugs. What are bugs? Well, anything that interferes with the smooth flow of a game from a user perspective is a bug. So, your job will be to play the game as you document any such issues.

This can be slightly different from the experience you get when playing an actual game. That’s because in this case, your job is not only to enjoy the game but also spot any potential issues with it. Of course, you’ll be expected to create a report after testing the game.

Testing Gaming Equipment

Apart from testing games, some manufacturers might come to you wishing to have their gaming accessories tested. These may include Game consoles, controllers, memory cards, graphics cards and so forth.

Just as with the games, you will only need to experiment with them and write a report at the end of the exercise. The best part is that you get to keep these products once you’re done testing in addition to being paid for a job well done.

Paid Surveys

This is a fantastic opportunity for beginners. As you get trained on the best practices of video game testing, you also get the opportunity to earn a living by completing online surveys. One thing we really like about these surveys is that they pay quite well with the rates starting from $ to $75 per.

What’s more? You also get paid to participate in focus groups where you can make up to $150 per hour. So, really, no matter your level of experience, there are numerous opportunities for you to earn here.

 Benefits of Gaming Online Jobs 

There are numerous ways to earn when you become a part of the GJO community. But beyond the dollars, there seems to be a lot more in store for you.

  • This is a rare an unique opportunity to meet and interact with video game manufacturers
  • There are a lot of free giveaways and goodies to be obtained from different companies for free
  • You get the opportunity to sample out games and accessories before they are released to the public
  • Some companies will allow you to keep the games and accessories you will have tested for them
  • This is a great platform to learn and obtain new life skills
  • The GJO jobs are done under minimal supervision and can be done from anywhere in the globe
  • There’s so much freedom in doing something that you like
  • You get the freedom to break away from the boring 9 to 5 cycle and still be able to pay your bills

 3 Problems with This Program 

  1. This is an online-based job so you’ll need a computer and internet access for it
  2. It takes a few days to familiarize with the system, so be prepared for the learning curve
  3. Although most clients are awesome, some can be a serious pain in the rear luckily there’s a customer support representative always available to help

 About The Author 

 The Gaming Jobs Online program is a product of teamwork. However, one name that stands out whenever people discuss this business model is that of Glen Anderson.

Glen is a passionate gamer who learned the trade out of passion. Over time, his clientele grew and gradually the pressure to create an open platform grew. That’s how the GJO portal was born and has since become a huge success.

   Final Thoughts 

Nothing beats the fun of being paid for playing games. Not only is the whole stuff fun but also quite fulfilling given that you can turn it into a full-time job. We honestly think that this is a system worth investing in.

Verdict: Worth investing. 

Entire Gaming Online Jobs Database + Membership For $ 27

Start Making Money with Gaming for only $1!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will I get paid to test video games?

    You can use our calculator on our homepage to compute how much you can earn testing or reviewing games. But according to a 2008 Game Developer Magazine survey, game testers earn an average of $39,063 annually. Testers with less than three years experience earn an average of $25,142 while testers with over six years experience earn $43,056. Testing leads with over six years experience earn on an average of $70,658 a year.

  2. Why would gaming companies pay me to beta test games?

    The game industry is now over a $50 billion dollar business. Part of their quality control is that they make sure that games are bug free to minimize recalls and refunds which in turn save them millions of dollars. They do this by hiring in house and freelance or casual gamers to fully test their games.

  3. What, programmers can't catch all the glitches?

    The answer is NO -- programmers are not necessarily gamers, they won't find all the bugs that a gamer will. If a company pays you $40/hr to play games and find glitches for them that would otherwise ruin the game experience for the user, and possibly hurt their sales, from their perspective it's really a good deal.

  4. What kind of games will I get to test?

    Game testers test all games for release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii & PC. Genres include sports titles, RTS, FPS, MMPORGS, action, adventure and much more. It's is impossible to tell what games you may test as a game tester, because most will be games that haven't even been released to the public! Here's just a list of some of the games that required game testers recently:

  1. This sounds way too good to be true. Why would someone want to pay me just to play video games?

    Testing videos games is one of the most vital parts of the game development process. Game developers need people like you to test their games to make sure there are no glitches or problems with the gameplay, music, graphics and general workings of the game. These companies are investing millions in there games and can not afford to release a poor game. So don't unvalue your importance and worth as a game tester.

  2. Why is there a fee to access the jobs?

    Because we only charge a flat rate to join compared to other companies and agents that take 20-30% commission of your earnings, meaning once you join we won't take any commission from the money you earn.

    Also going to companies directly, compiling thousands of jobs and updating them every week costs us money that's why we charge a fee as it cost us thousands of dollars every month to gather and present this information online.

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Start Making Money with Gaming for only $1!

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